"She’s such a slut."

So, one of my biggest concerns is this fluid usage of the label, “slut.” … or “whore,” whichever makes you tingly. ;) 
I’ve noticed that the ladies and the men tend to define a “slut” differently. 
The women define a slut as:
A woman who is sexually active
A woman who wears a lot of makeup 
A woman who dresses suggestively
A woman who, despite her unpopularity, tries to get the attention of boys
A woman who is assumed to be sexually advanced because her body is more so developed
Or a woman who flirts with other girls’ boyfriends or hangs out with a lot of guys

DAYUM. Girls are conniving as Hell! x) One wrong move or growth spurt and you are f*cked. For guys, it’s much simpler. When a guy calls someone a slut, he perceives her as someone who just has too much sex. 
Oh boy, have I got an earful for you! First, I shall address the females and then the males. 
Well ladies, immaturity, insecurity, jealousy, and pettiness all wrapped up in one. Feel free to deny it all you want, but I think the chances are you’re lying to yourselves, at least a little bit. 
Some other reasons why girls are given this title is that other girls may be threatened by this “slut.” As if she’s going to sweep up their boyfriend or their crush, or they might even feel threatened by the freedom and confidence that the woman exhibits. “Slut” rumors might also get spread for the same reason for other rumors to be spread, for the rumor starter feel superior. 

For the guys: So.. she has a lot of sex, hmm? Well do you know any other guys who have as much sex as she does? If so, does that make him a slut? Does he deserve to be labeled and judged? And the label “pimp” or a guy with game doesn’t count, haha. 
Our sex positive definition of the word slut is — a person of any gender who has the courage to lead life according to the radical proposition that sex is nice. :D And pleasure is good for you.

If someone is being responsible, safe, and they’re not hurting anyone, how much of my business is what they do with their sex life? SO CONTROVERSIAL! Always gotta control erry’body else’s business. Yeah yeah, haters are everywhere. 
Are there people that oppressed, that controlled by what is going on around them? The answer is, yes, probably. If you haven’t noticed, we live in a pretty sex negative culture that operates in extremes instead of balance, propaganda instead of safety, controlling lies instead of factual information. 
The fact of the matter is, the popular view of sexuality is not healthy, not productive, and not empowering. This is why it is so so so important for us to exercise our critical thinking skills! That way, we can check ourselves before we wreck ourselves. 

Here are some question you can ask a friend when they label someone as a slut so that you can get them thinking:
What is wrong with enjoying sex? 
Is it your place to judge them?
What does “slut” really mean to you? 
Would you call a guy a slut if he was doing that?
What’s SO wrong with exploring one’s sexuality in this way, provided you are being safe about it, that you have to harass someone over it?

And ONE mo’ thing. Sorry about this rant, but I had to say it, ya’ll know I had to say it. Ladies, when you call each other sluts, you are giving guys permission to call you sluts and treat you in disrespectful ways. Guys, using the word just makes you look unintelligent and misogynistic, when I know you’re not. 
So, let’s respect each other and be sex positive! YEAH! :D